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  • 15 Best Villain Introductions In Movie History

    15 Best Villain Introductions In Movie History


    A great villain needs to have a memorable introduction, something that will let us know what our protagonist is facing. So in today’s article we’re bringing you a list of the 15 best villain introductions in movie history.

  • Most Influential Horror Movies Horror Films That Changed the Genre

    16 Most Influential Horror Movies: Horror Films That Changed the Genre


    There’s a certain magic when it comes to horror films; a part of us wants to close our eyes while the other half definitely needs to keep peeking at the horrors onscreen. There’s a select group of films that changed the way future filmmakers tackled the genre, and on this list, we’ll take a look at 16 most influential horror movies that changed the genre forever.

  • steven spielberg facts

    25 Interesting Facts About Steven Spielberg


    In today’s article, we’re bringing you 25 interesting facts about Steven Spielberg, one of the most influential and probably the most successful Hollywood director of all time.

  • martin scorsese trademarks

    Martin Scorsese’s Signature Trademarks


    Martin Scorsese is one of the best American directors of all time that made many great movies during his long career. Long tracking shots, freeze frames, slow-motion, split-diopter shots, violence, crime, corruption, these are some of Martin Scorsese’s trademarks that he uses repeatedly in his movies.