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  • 16 Actors With The Most Iconic Roles Of All Time


    Most actors would be happy if they landed just one iconic role in their careers. But did you know that there are actors who actually played two or more iconic characters? In today’s article we’ll take a look at actors who have played more than one iconic character.

  • jerry stiller frank costanza

    RIP Jerry Stiller – Frank Costanza’s Best Moments on Seinfeld


    Jerry Stiller or the legendary Frank Costanza from Seinfeld has died early this morning of natural causes at the age of 92. His take on the character made Frank Costanza one the funniest supporting character on a series.
    So to say goodbye to this legend, let’s take a look at some of his best and funniest moments on Seinfeld.

  • What role has won Oscars for two different actors who played him

    Different Actors Who Won an Oscar For The Same Role


    Which different actors won an Oscar for the same role? Which pair of actors were nominated for an Oscar for playing the same character? Read our new article to find out more.

  • funniest james bond disguises

    Funniest James Bond Disguises


    Although James Bond is not known for wearing disguises (he doesn’t need them as the guy goes around introducing himself to every villain he meets), he occasionally adopted disguises or used some of the gadgets to conceal his identity, often with hilarious results.