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Slice Of Life Review: Short SF Movie Set In Blade Runner World

Slice Of Life is a solid short SF film set in a Blade Runner world. Made the old school way relying on miniatures and practical effects instead of the use of CGI, the final result is actually a very good looking movie that could put to shame much more expensive Hollywood movies. Unfortunately, Slice Of Life resembles Blade Runner only visually as it doesn’t tackle any of the themes covered in Blade Runner or its sequel.

Thunderball Review: The One With Big Underwater Battle

Thunderball Review: The One With Big Underwater Battle

Known for its pretty innovative and well-made underwater fight scene, the fourth 007 big-screen adventure is, unfortunately, an overlong, boring, and ridiculous action movie without memorable villains and with dull action sequences.

Goldfinger Review: The One That Set Template For The Series

Goldfinger Review: The One That Set Template For The Series

Goldfinger, third Connery’s Bond movie, improved on a formula from its predecessors, introduced all of the series trademarks and set a template for every future Bond movie. With a bigger budget than two previous movies in the Bond franchise, Goldfinger had it all. Best 007 movie with Sean Connery and one of the best in the series.

from russsia with love bond on the train

From Russia With Love Review: One Of The Best Bond Movies In The Series

From Russia With Love is an improvement on every level from Dr. No. It was a first Bond film with the musical title sequence and featured the first appearances of Q and Blofeld. Although it had a bigger budget than Dr. No, From Russia With Love is more of a thrilling Cold War thriller than a big-budget action spectacle.

dr no first james bond movie that started it all

Dr. No Review: James Bond Movie That Started It All

Although not the best Bond film and not as amusing or thrilling as some of the best entrances in the franchise, Dr. No is a solid action thriller and introduction to agent 007 with great casting choice in Sean Connery for the lead and iconic theme song but that feels outdated with poor and unconvincing action scenes.

war for the planet of the apes

War for the Planet of the Apes

Decent end to new apes trilogy, War of the Planet of the Apes is pretty good drama with outstanding special effects.

justice league

Why Is Justice League The Worst DCEU Movie?

Justice League is an awful movie with weak story and script, paper-thin characters, unfunny jokes, awful villains, terrible visuals and boring and generic action sequences.