James Bond Box Office: Highest Grossing Bond Movies

James Bond Box Office: Highest Grossing Bond Movies

Since the big-screen debut in Dr. No in 1962, James Bond series was always very popular with the audience. Lasting for almost 60 years, which makes it the longest-running movie series of all time, James Bond series grossed over US$7.040 billion on worldwide box office which makes it the sixth-highest-grossing movie series of all time.

If we take look at North America’s box office only, the series grossed around $2.137 billion which stands at around $5.931 billion after adjusting for the inflation. Numbers alone probably don’t mean much to you so let’s put it this way – if we adjusted a total for the inflation, James Bond series is the third-highest-grossing franchise of all time behind only Marvel and Star Wars. That’s right, it grossed more than Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Batman, DC, Spider-Man, X-Men, Jurassic Park or Star Trek, just to name some of the most popular franchises of all time.

As the next James Bond movie, No Time To Die is scheduled for November 25, 2020 release, and will surely end as one the biggest hits of 2020 we decided to take a look how James Bond movies performed at the box office and bring you a list of the highest-grossing James Bond movies. No Time To Die was originally scheduled for April 10, 2020, release but due to the ongoing pandemic was delayed. There is still a possibility that No Time To Die will be postponed once more but let’s hope that it won’t.

What Is The Most Successful James Bond Movie?

The most successful or highest-grossing James Bond on box office was Daniel Craig’s third adventure, Skyfall which earned $304.4 million in the United States and $1.111 billion worldwide. But if we adjusted it for inflation, things change quite a bit. The most successful Bond movies on US box office when adjusted for inflation are two entries with Sean Connery as agent 007 – Thunderball with $590 million and Goldfinger with $514.7 million.

What Was The Lowest Grossing James Bond Movie?

If we don’t adjust ticket prices for inflation, the lowest-grossing James Bond movie at the box office both in the United States and worldwide was Bond big-screen debut, Dr. No – it earned $16.1 million in the US and $59.5 million worldwide. If you count Casino Royale parody from 1967. as James Bond movie, which I don’t, then this was the lowest-grossing Bond movie worldwide with $41.7 million.

But adjusted for the inflation the least successful James Bond movie in the United States is Licence To Kill with Timothy Dalton which grossed $79.1 million. In that case, Dr. No stands much better at around $177.1 million.

Who Is The Most Successful James Bond Actor?

The most successful James Bond actor on the box office is Daniel Craig. Of course, if we don’t adjust ticket prices for inflation. Daniel Craig’s Bond movies grossed $840.9 million in the United States alone and massive $3.176 billion worldwide. He’s followed by Pierce Brosnan which Bond movies grossed $519.5 million in the United States.

But if we adjust US numbers for the inflation actually actor with the most successful James Bond movies is Sean Connery which movies grossed $2.281 billion.

James Bond Box Office: Most Successful 007 Movies

And now let’s take a look at how all James Bond movies performed at the box office. We’ll divide it in three parts – US box office, US box office adjusted for the inflation, and worldwide box office.

James Bond United States Box Office

So, first, let’s take a look at how James Bond movies performed at the United States box office without adjusting ticket prices for inflation. But note that we’re not including Casino Royale parody from 1967 as we don’t count it as a James Bond movie – it was more of a parody that didn’t feel like a Bond at all and a truly terrible movie.

If you’re not familiar 24 Bond movies were produced by Eon Productions and they are a part of Bond cannon. But there were two more 007 movies which are considered as unofficial Bond movies – Casino Royale spoof from 1967 with David Niven and Never Say Never Again from 1983 which was basically a remake of Thunderball with visibly older Sean Connery made during the Roger Moore era. As I wrote in this article, Kevin McClory who was one of the original writers of Thunderball retained the filming rights of the novel after a long legal battle. The result was Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery who was brought from retirement. So I count it as part of Bond series as it is based on original Ian Flemming’s novel and it has original Bond actor, Sean Connery, in the lead role.

TitleUnited States Box Office (unadjusted)BudgetRelease DateActor
Skyfall$304,360,277$200,000,000 Nov 8, 2012 Daniel Craig
Spectre$200,074,175$300,000,000  Nov 6, 2015 Daniel Craig
Quantum of Solace$169,368,427$230,000,000  Nov 14, 2008 Daniel Craig
Casino Royale$167,365,000$102,000,000  Nov 17, 2006 Daniel Craig
Die Another Day$160,942,139$142,000,000  Nov 22, 2002 Pierce Brosnan
The World is Not Enough$126,930,660$135,000,000  Nov 19, 1999 Pierce Brosnan
Tomorrow Never Dies$125,304,276$110,000,000  Dec 19, 1997 Pierce Brosnan
Goldeneye$106,429,941$60,000,000  Nov 17, 1995 Pierce Brosnan
Moonraker$70,300,000$31,000,000  Jun 29, 1979 Roger Moore
Octopussy$67,900,000$27,500,000  Jun 10, 1983 Roger Moore
Thunderball$63,600,000$9,000,000  Dec 29, 1965 Sean Connery
Never Say Never Again$55,500,000$36,000,000  Oct 7, 1983 Sean Connery
For Your Eyes Only$54,800,000$28,000,000  Jun 26, 1981 Roger Moore
The Living Daylights$51,185,000$40,000,000  Jul 31, 1987 Timothy Dalton
Goldfinger$51,100,000$3,000,000  Dec 22, 1964 Sean Connery
A View to a Kill$50,327,960$30,000,000  May 24, 1985 Roger Moore
The Spy Who Loved Me$46,800,000$14,000,000  Jul 13, 1977 Roger Moore
Diamonds Are Forever$43,800,000$7,200,000  Dec 17, 1971 Sean Connery
You Only Live Twice$43,100,000$9,500,000  Jun 13, 1967 Sean Connery
Live and Let Die$35,400,000$7,000,000  Jun 27, 1973 Roger Moore
Licence to Kill$34,667,015$42,000,000  Jul 14, 1989 Timothy Dalton
From Russia With Love$24,800,000$2,000,000  Apr 8, 1964 Sean Connery
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service$22,800,000$8,000,000  Dec 18, 1969 George Lazenby
The Man with the Golden Gun$21,000,000$7,000,000  Dec 20, 1974 Roger Moore
Dr. No$16,067,035$1,000,000  Dec 18, 1969 Sean Connery


Like we said, if we don’t adjust ticket prices for inflation, Daniel Craig’s Bond movies are the highest-grossing Bond movies and we’re expecting his next one, No Time to Die, to join them on top. We’re projecting a total of around $250 million from the USA box office alone.

James Bond United States Box Office – Adjusted for inflation

As you see, if we adjust ticket prices for inflation things change quite a bit. Before adjusting for the inflation only Daniel Craig’s and Pierce Brosnan’s Bond movies made more than $100 million. But after the adjustment, all 007 movies except Dalton’s Licence to Kill grossed more than $100 million. You can see how much lower ticket prices were before and how much more people actually went to the theaters 30 or 40 years ago.

TitleUnited States Box Office (adjusted)Release DateActor
Thunderball$590,000,000Dec 29, 1965Sean Connery
Goldfinger $514,700,000Dec 22, 1964 Sean Connery
Skyfall$358,300,000Nov 8, 2012Daniel Craig
You Only Live Twice$336,400,000Jun 13, 1967Sean Connery
Moonraker$262,500,000Jun 29, 1979Roger Moore
Die Another Day$259,600,000Nov 22, 2002Pierce Brosnan
Tomorrow Never Dies$255,800,000Dec 19, 1997Pierce Brosnan
From Russia With Love$249,800,000Apr 8, 1964Sean Connery
Diamonds Are Forever$248,000,000Dec 17, 1971Sean Connery
Casino Royale$239,500,000Nov 17, 2006Daniel Craig
The World is Not Enough$234,100,000Nov 19, 1999Pierce Brosnan
Goldeneye$229,300,000Nov 17, 1995Pierce Brosnan
Spectre$222,400,000Nov 6, 2015Daniel Craig
Quantum of Solace$219,700,000Nov 14, 2008Daniel Craig
Octopussy$202,000,000Jun 10, 1983Roger Moore
The Spy Who Loved Me$196,800,000Jul 13, 1977Roger Moore
Live and Let Die $187,000,000Jun 27, 1973 Roger Moore
For Your Eyes Only$184,000,000Jun 26, 1981Roger Moore
Dr. No$177,167,000Dec 18, 1969Sean Connery
Never Say Never Again$164,900,000Oct 7, 1983Sean Connery
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service$150,327,000Dec 18, 1969George Lazenby
A View to a Kill$150,327,000May 24, 1985Roger Moore
The Living Daylights$132,800,000Jul 31, 1987Timothy Dalton
The Man with the Golden Gun$105,000,000Dec 20, 1974Roger Moore
Licence to Kill$81,800,000Jul 14, 1989Timothy Dalton


James Bond Worldwide Box Office

And now let’s take a look at how James Bond movies performed at the worldwide box office. Prior to the 1990s, James Bond movies made most of the money from US and UK markets but after that, it’s evident how the popularity of Bond series has risen in international markets.

The situation on the worldwide box office for James Bond series is similar to the unadjusted US box office. On top are all Daniel Craig movies, followed by four Pierce Brosnan entries. The only movie in the franchise to cross $1 billion mark is Daniel Craig’s third 007 adventure, Skyfall.

TitleUnited States Box Office (unadjusted)BudgetActor
Skyfall$1,110,526,981$200,000,000Daniel Craig
Spectre$879,500,760$300,000,000Daniel Craig
Casino Royale$594,420,283$102,000,000Daniel Craig
Quantum of Solace$594,420,283 $230,000,000 Daniel Craig
Die Another Day$594,420,283$142,000,000Pierce Brosnan
The World is Not Enough$594,420,283$135,000,000Pierce Brosnan
Goldeneye$356,429,941$60,000,000Pierce Brosnan
Tomorrow Never Dies$339,504,276$125,304,276Pierce Brosnan
Moonraker$210,300,000$31,000,000Roger Moore
For Your Eyes Only$195,300,000$28,000,000Roger Moore
The Living Daylights$191,200,000$40,000,000Timothy Dalton
Octopussy$187,500,000$27,500,000Roger Moore
The Spy Who Loved Me$185,400,000$14,000,000Roger Moore
Live and Let Die$161,800,000$7,000,000Roger Moore
Never Say Never Again$160,000,000$36,000,000Sean Connery
Licence to Kill$156,167,015$42,000,000Timothy Dalton
A View to a Kill$152,627,960$30,000,000Roger Moore
Thunderball$141,200,000$9,000,000Sean Connery
Goldfinger$124,900,000$3,000,000Sean Connery
Diamonds Are Forever$116,000,000$7,200,000Sean Connery
You Only Live Twice$111,600,000$9,500,000 Sean Connery
The Man with the Golden Gun$97,600,000$7,000,000Roger Moore
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service$82,000,000$8,000,000George Lazenby
From Russia With Love$78,900,000$2,000,000Sean Connery
Dr. No$59,567,035$1,000,000Sean Connery



As you can see James Bond series was always very popular with the audience and stayed relevant for almost 60 years without much decline in popularity as four latest Bond movies with Daniel Craig are also the highest-grossing in the series on the United States and worldwide box office. Of course, if we don’t adjust ticket prices for inflation which gives us a little different picture – ticket prices were much lower 30, 40 or 50 years ago and the number of tickets sold was much higher.

Still, we expect No Time To Die to do very well on the box office and enter the top 3 both in the United States and worldwide box office.





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