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Goldfinger Review: The One That Set Template For The Series

Goldfinger Review: The One That Set Template For The Series

Goldfinger, third Connery’s Bond movie, improved on a formula from its predecessors, introduced all of the series trademarks and set a template for every future Bond movie. With a bigger budget than two previous movies in the Bond franchise, Goldfinger had it all. Best 007 movie with Sean Connery and one of the best in the series.

Best James Bond Movies

Best James Bond Movies: All Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Bond movies are the longest-running and one of the highest-grossing movie series of all time, starting back in the 1960s and lasting till these days. With the next James Bond movie, No Time To Die, coming on November 25, 2020, we decided to bring you a list of best James Bond movies ranked from worst to best.

from russsia with love bond on the train

From Russia With Love Review: One Of The Best Bond Movies In The Series

From Russia With Love is an improvement on every level from Dr. No. It was a first Bond film with the musical title sequence and featured the first appearances of Q and Blofeld. Although it had a bigger budget than Dr. No, From Russia With Love is more of a thrilling Cold War thriller than a big-budget action spectacle.

dr no first james bond movie that started it all

Dr. No Review: James Bond Movie That Started It All

Although not the best Bond film and not as amusing or thrilling as some of the best entrances in the franchise, Dr. No is a solid action thriller and introduction to agent 007 with great casting choice in Sean Connery for the lead and iconic theme song but that feels outdated with poor and unconvincing action scenes.

funniest james bond disguises

Funniest James Bond Disguises

Although James Bond is not known for wearing disguises (he doesn’t need them as the guy goes around introducing himself to every villain he meets), he occasionally adopted disguises or used some of the gadgets to conceal his identity, often with hilarious results.

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15 Famous Actors Who Almost Played James Bond

James Bond is the longest running and one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time and over the past 50 years since 007 first appeared on big screen there were many actors who have been considered for the role. Let’s take a look at 15 famous actors who were almost cast as James Bond and were serious contenders.