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50 Unrealistic Things That Happen Only In Movies - Shaken, Not Stirred

50 Unrealistic Things That Happen Only In Movies

Unrealistic Things That Happen Only In Movies

How many times you watched a movie and noticed some pretty unrealistic things that never happen in real life. Look, we get it, they are just movies. We don’t actually expect a super accurate depiction of life, but still. So in today’s article, we decided to bring you a list of 50 unrealistic things that happen only in movies.

50 Unrealistic Things That Happen Only In Movies

1. The hero has unlimited ammo

We witnessed it countless times. In many action movies, our main hero shoots hundreds of rounds without reloading a weapon.

2. Villain explaining the plan instead of just killing the main hero

In most Hollywood movies, instead of just killing him, the villain will explain the plan to the main hero so he can stop it at the last moment.

3. Perfect parking spot every time

People in movies almost always find a parking spot right in front of the building they’re going into.

4. Wearing sneakers or shoes inside (on the couch)

In almost all movies or TV shows, characters are wearing shoes or sneakers inside the house while sitting on the couch.

5. Villains can’t hit the main hero

No matter how many bullets they fire at the main hero, villains will almost always miss. Or give him a flesh wound in the worst case.

6. Blow to the head leaves someone unconscious

One more unrealistic thing that happens only in movies is this one. Someone hits another person in the head leaving him unconscious as long as it’s convenient for the plot. Of course in most cases with no long-term consequences. In real life, any blow to the head that is strong enough to knock you out will likely have more serious consequences, like a concussion, brain damage, or even death.

7. Drunk people sober after 5 minutes

In almost all movies, no matter how much someone is drunk, he will be sober in 5 minutes ready for action like nothing happened.

8. “Hidden” car keys behind the sun visor

I don’t know anyone who’s keeping their car keys “hidden” behind a sun visor. But according to Hollywood movies, everyone does.

9. Not locking a car

In almost all movies, after reaching the destinations, people will just exit the car without locking the door.

10. Perfect hair and makeup

No matter what are the weather conditions or what our heroes are doing, jumping, fighting, or running, they always have perfect hairstyles and makeup.

11. Cutting a palm of the hand for a single drop of blood

When someone needs a little blood, like for some ritual, almost always the character will cut the palm of his hand. In real life, no one would do such a thing because that’s a terrible place to make a wound as it takes a while to heal and also you can’t use that hand until healed.

12. No one is eating a full meal except taking a bite or two

You know when someone is having dinner or lunch, be it at the restaurant or at home, rarely you will see anyone actually eating. In most cases, they will hold forks and just play around. In the best case, they’ll take one or two bites.

13. No one is saying goodbye on the telephone

When someone is having a phone conversation, no one says goodbye at the end. They just hang up.

14. Shooting at the car will make it explode instantly

According to the movies, it’s enough to fire a round or two at the gas tank and the car will explode. This is actually not the case and is one more unrealistic thing that happens only in movies.

15. Hacking by pressing random keys on the keyboard very quickly

In movies when you want to hack a computer, you just need to press random keys very quickly and voila, you’re in. Also, hacking mostly takes a couple of seconds.

16. Women don’t grow hair in survival situations

In survival situations or in post-apocalyptic movies, women don’t grow hair on their armpits or legs.

17. Breaking through the window without consequences

According to movies, if you jump through the glass window in most cases you’ll be unscratched without a single cut.

18. Bad guys attacking one by one

If a hero is outnumbered and surrounded don’t worry. The bad guys will almost always attack one by one. The others will simply wait until the hero finishes the fight with the previous guy.

19. Sex is almost always perfect and mind-blowing

According to movies people always have a passionate, mind-blowing, animal, but at the same time, romantic sex. That of course ends with both of them cumming at the same time. And after that, they just roll over like there’s nothing to clean.

20. Hot girl falling for the nerd / ugly guy

In most comedies, ugly guy, or nerd lacking in self-confidence will get a hot girl. Not in real life.

21. Fluid dialogues without a pause

In real life when you’re having a conversation with someone you’ll sometimes mumble, pause or maybe hesitate. Not according to the movies.

22. Everyone has an exact sum of money when they’re paying at the gas stations or in supermarkets

I don’t know if you noticed but in most movies, when people are buying something like at the gas stations, supermarkets or restaurants, they don’t ask for a change. They just hand the money and leave. It seems everyone has an exact sum of money. Or don’t need a change. Like ever.

23. Mom has the time in the morning to prepare a huge breakfast

In movies and TV shows mom always has the time in the morning to make this massive breakfast that occupies an entire table before going to work. I guess she wakes up 2 hours earlier. And one of the family members is always in a hurry and grabs a piece of toast ora fruit before going out. Or they take two bites and a sip of orange juice.

 24. Extra-long fight scenes

In real life, most fights are over pretty quickly. Not in the movies – in many of them fight scenes last forever. People are fighting for a couple of minutes taking multiple hits in the head, torso, groins. They are even hit with other things like chairs, pans, baseball bats, they get stabbed, and so on. And they are still not on the floor but fighting. Of course in most movies when the fight finishes, the winner just walks away and in a couple of minutes, he seems unaffected by all the beating he received as nothing happened.

25. Bike chase stunts

In most movies, there are unrealistic car chases. According to Hollywood when you’re on a bike you can slide under something like a truck trailer and just continue on. In real life, you would end laying on the floor with serious injuries and a damaged bike.

26. A regular, nerdy girl becomes hot after taking off glasses

In many comedies, a regular, nerdy girl becomes incredibly hot because she takes off her glasses and lets her hair down.

27. No one hears a conversation if you move just a couple of feet away

If you want to tell something to someone secretly so that no one else in the room hears you, it’s enough to move a couple of feet away and continue the conversation without lowering the voice. One more unrealistic thing that happens only in movies.

28. Brushing teeth without toothpaste

When someone is brushing their teeth almost always they are doing it without a toothpaste. And their mouth doesn’t get foamy.

29. Driving without looking at the road

In real life, you need to be really careful when driving and watch the road. Not in movies or TV shows. The characters will talk looking at each other for like half a minute without looking at the road. Yeah right.

30. The hero always escapes from the explosion

The hero always has the time to escape from an explosion by running or jumping. Even if the blast throws him at the car or at the wall he’ll walk away almost unscratched. Of course, explosions won’t impair the hearing. Also according to movies, explosions drag for many seconds. In real life, they happen in the blink of an eye.

31. Teenagers looking like they are 30

In many movies, high school students look like they’re 30. That’s because they are as these characters are mostly played by 30-year-old actors,

32. Firing a gun indoors without ear protection  will have no consequences

If you fire a couple of rounds from pistol indoors without carrying ear protection you’ll be temporarily deafened. Not in the movies. You can fire from whatever you want and carry on normally.

33. Most houses look like an IKEA catalog

In most movies houses are so clean like they were taken from the IKEA catalog. No toys, no filthy shirts, no hairs.

34. Bombs always have a visible timer

In probably all movies, there is a clearly visible timer on bombs. How convenient for our main hero. Also, he will stop the explosion in the last second.

35. Investigation of the house and saying “Hello” when you think a killer is in your home

According to movies, if you suspect a killer is in your house, don’t call police, 911, or your friends but investigate the house and yell “Hello” a couple of times.

36. Turning the TV at the right moment

Almost always when someone in the movies needs to hear something on TV, they’ll turn on the TV and it will be on the right channel at the right moment.

37. Guns are a solution for everything

Need to open the door? Shoot the control panel with the gun. There is a crane or some other machine you don’t know how to operate? Shoot it with the gun.

38. Driving on a motorcycle without eye protection

When people ride a motorcycle in movies they almost never need eye protection, like helmet, sunglasses or goggles. Which, in real life, is of course nearly impossible.

39. Water is always the right temperature during the shower

When you go to take a shower you must let the water run even for a few seconds first before achieving a perfect temperature. Not according to Hollywood movies. When you turn the shower on, it is immediately the right temperature.

40. Running or fighting the bad guys in high heels

Character in movies must have perfect hairstyle and makeup. Also, when women wear high heels, they can run, jump, or fight the bad guys without any problems.

41. People with low incomes living in a huge and nice apartment

In real life, the rent is pretty high, especially in a big expensive city. Not in the movies – people with low incomes with no roommates, like for example students, almost always are living in a huge and very nice apartment.

42. People are madly in love after only two days

In many movies, the characters fall madly in love although they know each other for a couple of days.

43. Car won’t start if someone chases you

If someone, like a killer, chases you and you manage to get to your car, in most movies the car won’t start even if you drive a reliable car that didn’t show signs of problems until the script required so.

44. When you need to revive someone just yell at them or say you love them

When you need to revive someone, like the loved ones or a friend, and standard reviving methods don’t work just tell them that you love them or yell at them. Something like “Live God damn it, live” or “I love you. Live God damn it. I love you”. Works almost every time.

45. Using defibrillator to revive someone

In movies, if someone’s heart stops beating it’s enough to just use a defibrillator to restart a person’s heart. In real life, a defibrillator doesn’t revive a patient by restarting the heart. A defibrillator doesn’t start electric activity in the heart but it actually stops it.

46. Bullets don’t go through penetrable objects

If the main hero is behind some penetrable object, like a door or table, bullets won’t penetrate the table and hit our hero.

47. People have a lot of free time and energy after work

According to the movies, it seems that most grownups have a lot of free time and energy after work. They are mostly spending it with their friends. Don’t they have other responsibilities? Family, kids, wife, girlfriends, housework, other projects? Aren’t they tired after work?

48. People opening the doors a couple of seconds after the knock

In movies and TV shows often the character will open the door only three or four seconds after the knock like they were standing behind the door and waiting for that knock.

49. People having a quiet conversation in loud bars and night clubs

In real life when in a loud nightclub you need to yell if you want someone to hear you. Not in the movies – you can have a quiet conversation and the other person will hear you perfectly.

50. Taxi is almost always available when you need it

When you need a taxi in most cases you need to wait or call for one. Well in movies they’ll be in the right place at the right time, exactly when you need it. It’s enough just to raise your hand and the taxi will stop.



As we already said they are just movies and TV shows and no one expects them to be super realistic.

But while some movies are at least trying to be realistic as possible there are more movies that leave us wondering what the filmmakers were thinking. But still, some of those things are pretty annoying and I’m not sure why are the filmmakers so lazy and don’t care about some of those things.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with us? What are some of the unrealistic things from movies and TV shows that annoy you?




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  1. Anomynous says:

    There’s no mention of how someone all of the sudden falls in love with someone they didn’t tend to have no interest in in the first place. And the other person is always pushing them and succeeding at it. I got the feeling guys think they could push me like that and i’ll eventually fall in love with them. Which never happens. Welcome to the real world. No disney fairy tail there.

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